The Experience…

Serpentarium is a World Class themed indoor reptile exhibit & museum.

Entry includes Kangaroo feeding with chow at 11:30am and our interactive feature Keeper Presentation at 12 noon daily. Discover mineral & Gem displays, husbandry library, microscope research station, cultural relics, artefacts, and lost treasures throughout the museum.

Keeper Presentation includes a 10 – 15 minute introduction into the physiology of Pythons, bush awareness with our three venomous snakes in Tasmania, and then a demonstration in how to work with a

python safely in keeper assisted handling.

SWPT specialises in exotic captive bred reptiles. We do not have any venomous snakes, as we can’t share them with you safely!

Your entry fee goes to the operational and animal welfare costs of maintaining the exhibits. All our reptiles and animals receive one on one care and personalised attention with professional and qualified Keepers. Please note we are a small family operated reptile exhibit. Our experienced keepers have quality time with our Macropods and reptiles and Love to share them with our visitors.

Thank you for your support!    We Love our Reptiles!

For the conservation, preservation…
         and the appreciation of nature!