Matthew Lowndes

For the conservation and appreciation of Nature, to experience, observe, and relate to the creatures in their natural kingdoms. Enjoy their beauty. Snakes & Pythons are amazing reptiles whom we have so much to learn about them. To understand their nature and personalities. To appreciate the natural world we find our greatest individual worth. ~ thoughts for World Snake Day 2020


About Us

Serpentarium Wildlife Park Tasmania is an indoor reptile exhibit, presenting exotic captive bred reptiles. All our species recieve personal attention and the best in husbandry care as we totally love our reptiles.

The Serpentarium will provide a museum type display of feature reptile exhibits set within a wild and exciting themed environment. Main exhibit enclosures are themed in a naturalistic and eco-friendly custom habitat setting, housing the world's largest python species, displayed for fantastic public viewing, education and family experience.

We have mostly juvenile reptiles housed within extra-large feature enclosures to groe up in the Serpentarium family. Displaying hidden wonders of the world with natural gem displays, treasures, cultural indigenous tools and custom presentations.

The highlight offer of the Serpentarium is the hands-on visitor experience, provided through displaying educational billboards, offering keeper presentations and keeper assisted handling. The Serpentarium shares a small library on the natural world and reptile husbandry, a microscope research station desk, and an outdoor rope climb play area.

Enjoy a coffee, light snack or lunch at Rio's Café, seated under the veranda, while overlooking an open bush pasture, with disability facilities. Located at 5 West, St. Helens Tasmania, 5 minutes drive from St. Helens CBD. Gift sales available offering unique jewellery, natural stone and memorabilia.